I am a keeper of all that serves me and I am a keeper of all that doesn’t serve me. The day that I failed 3rd grade, the day I graduated with my master’s degree, the day I was given my first horse, the day my first horse left this world, the day I lost my mother and the day my child was born. Big or small, they all touched me. All of my life experiences have shaped me, made me grow and made me who I am today. While I wasn’t’ always aware of the impact they had, all of those parts had a purpose.  

There are parts of me that I don’t care for and there are parts of me that I love. Parts of me that I show and parts of me that I keep hidden. In gestalt we learn that all parts of self are important; your authentic self. Without one part you can’t have the other. Without one part you can’t know the other side. For example, without fear you wouldn’t know love. Fear and love are on a continuum. When you let fear drive you often freeze, minimize, avoid, over think or feel heavy. When you love your often feel free, have momentum, find happiness, and grow. Without sadness the awareness of happiness is limited. There is no success without failure. There are hundreds of emotions and their opposites of those emotions/feelings.

When all parts are shown, felt and expressed you are authentic. Your authenticity is where you find your peace. We all have difficulty finding our own peace because of our inner thoughts speak so loudly. We are triggered and there is constant chatter. Before action, we often stop ourselves before even starting because our thoughts move at the speed of life. With gestalt, when we identify our emotions, thoughts and feelings we find ourselves. Our peace, our authenticity, ourselves.

Each experience built me and therefore without them I can’t be who I am today. Each experience is engrained in my being. Without one of them I wouldn’t have me. So I keep each experience and only retire it when it doesn’t serve me because it served me at one time.

In gestalt and through interaction with the horses you can identify all the parts of self that still serve you, no longer serve you and ones that need to retire. Contact us today to have a discovery call.