Live deeply, as a budding gesaltist this is at the basis of my motivation for being in the moment my most authentic self. The good the bad and the ugly. Taking these moments that I experience and illuminating them in a way that creates awareness around them. For lack of a better wording finding out how I tick and finding the learned responses or survival mechanisms that cause me to react in a situation.
There were many times in my pre gestalt life that I would react and have guilt, regret, or knew that I shouldn’t act like that. However, I was unable to stop it from happening. I was only aware of it after the fact. Now after doing my own work I have the awareness that I am a product of my past experiences. Now having the awareness to respond instead of react to situations that used to cause a waterfall of emotion in my life.
For example, I did have instances where my husband and I would fight. Just like most, my relationship is a journey where my husband and I are constantly cohabiting and creating a life together. In these instances, I would implode when I had a strong opinion on a topic where I felt that I was not being herd. My husband seeing my reaction would often want to make up right away, something that was not on my agenda. I unknowingly fought like my parents. I would battle, raise my voice and then drop it, leave it alone and never resolve it totally, leaving it there to lie until it would creep up again. Until I completed my work through a gestalt session around these reactive moments I was having, I had no clue that I had learned to fight like my parents. It is now illuminated and I do not reach that level of implosion where my brain automatically takes over and drives in auto pilot. I respond and move forward in a more deeply aware state that I am human and will forever be a work in progress.
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