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Individual Sessions

Individual session
In a private 1.5 hour session, coach and client take a deeper dive to work towards higher awareness around issues that cause concern for clinet. Sessions can work towards goals and life style changes. 

Individual Equine Session
In a private 1.5 hour session, coach and client take a deeper dive to work toward higher awareness around issues that cause concern for cleint with presence of a horse. With assitsance of the horse; clients are guided in finding their turth assisting with seting goals and making life style changes. An assistant may also be present


Custom Packages Available

Group Coaching

A group of 10-12 individuals in a 2 hour session work with the coach to experience their own awareness of areas of concern, but also receive borrowed benefit from experiencing other’s concerns. Groups can be in the presence of horses with an assistant present. RSVP required.

Custom Packages Available

Phone Coaching & Aftercare Coaching

3 half hour phone sessions are used to guide individuals in finding their truth, assisting in setting goals and making life changes. These phone coaching sessions are also recommend to follow up one on one or group coahcing sessions to continue your healing journey. 


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Reasons to Join

  •  Loss of a loved one
  •  Feeling stuck
  •  Don’t want to get out of bed in the morning
  •  Want to live your dreams

Have Questions?

  •  Want a custom package?
  •  Want to know how a session is set up?
  •  Need list of accomodations?
  •  Want to know what the horses do?


What They Say

Cassandra J, Madison WI

Phone Coaching
“Kelly is an amazing coach! S
he is so compassionate and understanding of you as an individual. I found her easy to talk to ; her honest approach was exactly what i needed. I look forward to working with her again. Feeling blessed!”

Kerry C, Weston CO

“As a coach Kelly is direct, caring and steady.”

Ronda C, Camptown PA

“Kelly is warm, present, kind, giving, generous and honest person. She brings no judgement to conversation. Her honesty provides a safe and loving space to heal and accept the truth.”

Tina D, Sayre PA

” Kelly is compassionate, conscientious, authentic, generous and inspiring coach. She provides support and encouragement during sessions to beome the best version of you. I am inspired by her.