Balance, sometimes the word seems elusive doesn’t it? For most of my life, I have lived in a state where I thought I was balanced. I was on a path of life, one that I thought was healthy and checked all the boxes. I was living right? 

Oh, how I was wrong. Life is a constant juggling act, with work, family, business, housekeeping, friends, fun, vacation, school, selfcare, the list goes on. Its so easy to get caught up in the need to do it all. I know I wrapped myself in this notion that I am a capable young woman and I should be able to do it all. Like keep my house clean, make dinner, work a full-time job, work out, play with the kids, run my business, socialize with friends, take care of my horses, the dog and various other animals around the farm. That is just the short list not to mention all the other moments life decides to bring to your door step.

There It went right out the window, I was “shoulding” all over myself, I should do this and I should do that and running my self in the ground. I was holding myself to this expectation that a grown adult does it all but behind closed doors my house was a mess, I was constantly annoyed that my husband never helped clean on a regular basis, I was stressing over not having time to run my business and play with the kids and have dinner on the table on time every night. Oh, and don’t forget we require sleep too. Well as soon as I would lay down at night, I had all these thoughts about how I wasn’t doing well enough, I wasn’t checking all the boxes and I was failing miserably as a wife, mother, coworker and member of society.

Little did I know after spending time in a round pen with a horse and a gestalt coach, I realized I was creating my own stress. By holding myself to these expectations I was maxing out my ability to function in my own world. I was shocked when I addressed my feelings around this in the round pen my anxiety and stress levels would hit an all time low. When I lived in the moment and focused on myself, I was able to do so much more. I was balanced more than I had ever been. I do more things with joy and ease. I give myself selfcare and the other parts of my life blossom.

Where in your life do you have expectations? Are they causing undo stress and anxiety?

Take time to explore your own life with the assistance of a horse and gestalt coach.